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EDÜT Virtual Classroom

EDÜT International School is for Exceptionally Gifted Learners ages 2 to 18 years old. Our virtual classroom is a social network designed for families to connect with industry professionals and share fun Edutainment-based learning experiences while reaching academic goals. Full-time students demonstrate learning gains via Independent Study in "free range" learning environments. We increase self- efficacy of highly motivated students by supporting them in earning an International Diploma and global Industry Certifications. Participants may qualify for School Choice scholarships to cover the cost of tuition & fees. We understand that our students are extremely intelligent with an enormous capacity to learn.


Skills for Students who are “GIFTED”

Guiding exceptional gifted students on their individual paths, helping them discover a lifelong enjoyment for learning.
Course Number: FLDOE 7963090
Path: Section: Exceptional Student Education
Subject: Special Skills Courses
Abbreviated Title: SKLS STUS GIFTED Grade
Group: Senior High and Adult Grade Group: Modified for EDÜT PK-12th Curriculum Map by Brown-Turner, PhD
Number of Credits: Multiple credits
Course Length: Multiple (M) - Course length can vary
Course Attributes: Virtual learning environment
Course Type: Elective Course
Course Status: Florida Department of Education Course Approved


Equal Access to EDÜTainment

Innovation and improvement in education involves student-centered instruction that fosters meaningful encounters with new ideas. We rely on edutainment-based instruction because it is proven to increase student engagement. When a student is having fun and actively involved in the learning process, they are more likely to reach educational goals. We serve students from low-income families who commonly receive free or discount priced lunch, attend a Title 1 School, are homeless, require Exceptional Student Education, and/or participate in a School Choice program. The Edutainment Industry uses characteristics of the entertainment field to present subject matter in a highly engaging way.


Amazon Smile charity list 
for children from

Our wish list is created by Ethan (Age 9) for his "Independent Study" project. Ethan chooses the best educational toys for him and other students at EDÜT International School. Your "educational toy" donation helps support Equal Access to Edutainment for low-income families. Donate toys directly via Amazon smile. The toys are shared among all children visiting our Mobile Learning Lab.

Team Members

Jasmine Brown-Turner

Founder, CAO


Virtual Teacher

Brittany Hill

Multimedia Specialist